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Stainless steel screen to pay attention to what matters


The first is the stainless steel window material, often say that the stainless steel wire netting refers to 304 stainless steel screens, the material of stainless steel screens has strong corrosion resistance, suitable for home use, can be used for a long time, greatly reduce the frequency of replacing gauze.

If the bulk procurement, then contact the manufacturers, the price is much cheaper, if the home, the amount is not large, it is best to go to the local hardware market, to find a trustworthy business to buy.

Once again, the mesh size of the stainless steel window, stainless steel screen mesh size is usually the default anti mosquito, number is 16 to 18, where there are special kind of small anti mosquito, the mosquito with a smaller screen mesh, 22 mesh general enough. Of course, some places not only to prevent mosquitoes but also to prevent mice, so the wire mesh screen diameter is also a good point, in order to prevent mice, stainless steel wire diameter of at least 0.19mm.

Replace the stainless steel window screening to consider the quality of aluminum alloy material, aluminum alloy material benefits or not.

To sum up, it is best to aluminum windows and doors shop to find trustworthy responsible for processing various materials, it is best to buy their own.

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