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Stainless steel wire mesh has a wide range of applications


The raw material of stainless steel wire mesh is stainless steel wire, so it is usually called stainless steel wire mesh. Stainless steel wire mesh generally refers to the mesh woven by fine wires, and the mesh number is generally more than 30 mesh, while the mesh number of stainless steel screen is low. Generally, we often have more than 3-8 mesh.

At present, the application scope of stainless steel wire mesh is also very wide, such as the construction industry and the fence of animal husbandry. It has been highly praised by the majority of customers in the market, and the prospect is really impressive. Therefore, the stainless steel wire mesh is absolutely true and reliable, and customers can rest assured. Of course, when it comes to good production mode, it will also bring you different surprises for stable steel wire mesh, which is also good for the overall industrial production. Through our requirements for industrial development and looking at this aspect as a whole, we will also make everyone feel that there are many achievements in industrial development.

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