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Wire Mesh Tube weaving method


As you know, Wire Mesh Tube has great power not only to make screens in equipment, but also to make protective screens on windows. Before introducing Wire Mesh Tube to you, I will explain this product to you. Wire Mesh Tube is woven in two ways: one is made of equipment, and the other is made of stainless steel wire mesh welded by electric welding equipment through stainless steel wire. The wire mesh tube can be made of 1mm thick stainless steel wire and 1.5mm thick wire. The mesh size of wire mesh tube is generally about 10mm-12mm. According to different wire diameters, the mesh size has some deviation. When wire mesh tube is used as protective mesh, it usually uses more welding, especially in mechanical protection. There are woven stainless steel wire mesh and welded stainless steel wire mesh on the window depending on the demand.

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